Volleyballers cruise to their 17th win of season

Dylan Burke

Dylan Burke
Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The women in green had an easy victory Wednesday over the City College Knights of San Diego, winning in three straight sets, particularly convincingly in the second set.

The first set ended 25-16 total giving the Griffins a 1-0 advantage. Next the Griffins had no trouble whatsoever when taking the second set 25-9. Throughout most of the game, the only thing that could stop the Griffins’ momentum was when the head coach for the knights called a time out.

Going into the third set the buzz in the stands was that the Griffins had anticipated an easy 3-0 night. This proved to be the case, as the Griffins took the third set, 25 – 13 in champion like fashion.

Statisticians noted that Denise Devine, one of the stars of the team, had 14 kills in Wednesday evening’s play. A defensive standout was Monik Richardson, who made an incredible save on, keeping alive a rally that the Griffins ultimately converted into a point.

The Griffins improved their overall record to 17-2. The Griffins will try for their 18th win of the season on Friday, November 4, on the road against the team that handed them their second loss, San Diego Mesa.

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