Administration to relocate from Modular Village soon

Kellen Brauer

Kellen Brauer
Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- After 18 months, Grossmont College’s administration building as well as the new Griffin Center are in their final stages of reconstruction.
The two buildings are expected to be fully operational by January 6, 2012, which means that the new semester will be construction free.

According to Vice President Tim Flood, the entire project cost a total of $36 million.

The administration building is expected to be completed and to have Grossmont employees in it by the 16th of December whereas the Griffin Center is scheduled to take a bit longer.

With the administration moving, the modular village by the parking structure will now be taken away and the former parking lot on which it was constructed will be reestablished. Parking struggles have been on the minds of students all semester and the reopened parking lot may help alleviate some of the issues.
“It will but not right away,” said Flood. “After we have moved everyone out, we have to disconnect the trailers, pull out the infrastructure, remove the trailers and then repair the parking lot. The parking lot will be back open for the summer session.”

Be on the lookout for a smoother campus life now that the construction will be leaving and the administration will be easier to locate.
Brauer is news editor of the GC Summit. He may be contacted at [email protected]