Commentary: Health science complex totally transforms learning environment

Kamri Jackson

Kamri Jackson

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– The Ribbon has been cut. The futurist
building is complete; it is official. On Friday, Sept. 17, Grossmont faculty, students, and esteemed guests celebrated the opening of the brand new, “state of the art” Health and Sciences Complex.. Grossmont College President, Dr. Sunita Cooke described the building as “futuristic, functional, and stunning,” during the opening ceremony.

In addition, Cooke stated that the building functions as “a beautiful space to study, explore, and socialize.”

The $35 million futuristic building would not have become reality, if it were not for Proposition R, which was passed in 2002 by East County voters. It took two years from the date of the first groundbreaking,
up to the grand opening to complete. Citizen’s Bond Oversight
Committee chair, Ron Asbury, stated that the change order of construction was 1.5%, which is well below industry standards.” He credited “efficient planning” and “great people.”

Although this building was built in top speed, some may object that it had still been a long time coming. The Health and Sciences department prior to this development was not much more than a simple class room, and a bit of imagination.

There has been a total transformation of the students and Instructor’s
learning environment. There is “learning by doing,” through simulation labs with high tech mannequins for nurses in training.

Additionally there is a casting room, for orthopedics and a blood splatter
room for students to analyze blood drops. Rooftop deck for astronomer students and star gazers– this complex is out of sight.

There is even a functional apartment with all working kitchen and bathroom amenities. The Wii Nintendo works fine as well. Many students tried out the apartment and all of its splendors during the grand opening including games which can aid in patients recovery. The apartment also has cameras which the instructor is able to utilize in order to monitor and guide the students, while not interfering with their hands on training.

|The students and faculty seem to be well pleased with the new facilities.
I briefly chatted with students Charlene Tolentino and Molly Civinska as they played with a sit swing to practice rehabilitation for balance, and proximal stability, while throwing spongy balls into a tire like tube. They agreed that the hands-on experience is a great opportunity
and preparation for the work force.

Don Ridgeway (CVT instructor) ,emphasized how the majority of graduates who are in the local work force come from Grossmont College’s program. Imagine what the new facility coupled with the training of Grossmont staff, will turn out in the coming years for the San Diego community. This is not only a benefit for health science students, but for the overall college, and extending to the eastern suburbs of San Diego.

Nursing student, Elizabeth Austel stated it well in her speech during the ribbon cutting ceremony “because at some point, we all become patients, or loved ones of someone receiving care from someone like me, blessed to have studied in an environment that allowed me to become confident caring and safe.. may our careers beyond this building always reflect its quality.”

Jackson is a student in Media Comm 132.