Peg Marcus elected to ASGC presidency

Johnny Weber

Peg Marcus

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- Peg Marcus, a grandmother and former Phi Theta Kappa honors society president, was elected as president of the Associated Students of Grossmont College for the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters. She will succeed Cheryl-Anne Phillips at the end of the current semester.

Marcus was unopposed. Elected to her cabinet were: Vice President, Blake Davidson;  Comptroller: Andrew Schauf-Anderson; Executive Secretary of Student Legislation (ESSL), Laila Hamzai;  Director of Publicity, William C. Higuera-Burgos;  Director of Activities, Kimberly M. Paul, and Student Trustee, Samantha Eliiot.

The only two offices for which there were contests, Vice President and ESSL, had  Davidson narrowly squeezing by Esau Cortez with 52 percent of the votes and Hamzi defeating Manuel “Alex” Hernandez by a hair with 51 percent of the votes.

The ASGC Board of Directors was also chosen. The members are  Alexander M. Neofitidis, Andrew Schauf-Anderson, Christopher Foskett, Danielle Ramirez, Jimmy Smith, Michelle Jones, Sicarra Devers, Troy Goss, and William C. Higuera-Burgos.

ASGC volunteer were in front of Griffin Center Monday and Tuesday attempting to recruit students to vote. Those students who voted received a coupon for 10 percent off in the Griffin Center cafeteria.

Write-in Carl Allen and Eric Laforest received 7 percent  of the votes in the contests for president and publicity director. Alexander Neofitidis received 3 percent in the ESSL category. Marc Arizmendez received 6 percent of the vote for director of campus activities.

Weber is managing editor of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted  at [email protected]