District Report on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Grossmont Dean Agustin Albarran presents DEI Report to the GCCCD Board Photo by Evan C. Wirig

Grossmont Dean Agustin Albarran presents DEI Report to the GCCCD Board
Photo by Evan C. Wirig

August 21, 2013

A report on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was presented to the GCCCD Governing Board on August 20, 2013 at Grossmont College. Under the direction of Chancellor Cindy Miles, each campus and the District formed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI), in February 2011. These committees sought to create a strategic plan that would address issues about student access, cultural competency, communication and developing a diverse workforce.

According to Nancy Jennings, Speech Instructor at Cuyamaca College, a primary reason the DEI committees were formed was because there were too many committees across the District which were addressing and attempting to deal with issues concerning diversity, inclusion and equity. These committees were not properly communicating with other committees in relation to these issues. Jennings commented that communication between the District and the campus’ have improved greatly as a result of the DEI committees. Communication improvements have included DEI websites for both campus’ and the District, cataloging resources, updating data and a monthly newsletter.

Some results of the efforts of the DEI committees include: gender neutral restrooms, formation of diverse student clubs and organizations, bulletin boards dedicated to diversity, concerts of non-western music, library displays, guest lecturers and presentations, safe spaces and contemplation rooms.

Grossmont Dean of English and Social Sciences, Agustin Albarran, stated that there are plans for more diversity, equity and inclusion measures that hopefully will be implemented in the future. These would include identifying diversity in the curriculum, diversity leadership awards, cultural training and awareness in the use of language.

Governing Board members expressed their approval and offered advice to the DEI committees during the question and answer period at the end of the presentation.

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