Getting Help with Health and Wellness Services

Grossmont’s Health and Wellness Services is dedicated to keeping physical health and wellness high among all enrolled students.


Dawson Chappelear, Staff Writer

The Grossmont Health and Wellness Center is here to service any student who may need help regarding physical and mental health well-being. Due to COVID-19, all staff members are working diligently to provide mental health assistance using remote appointments and advice from nurses to all enrolled students. 

Health Services Specialist, Juliette Harrington works in Health and Wellness Services at Grossmont. She was excited to share what this service offers. She works hard to make sure that the students here are happy, healthy and well. She also manages the Instagram account for the center, to further reach out to students and grab their attention.

“If you have any concerns, a nurse can get back to you that day or even right now,” Harrington said, describing the fast and easy process by which help can get to you.

She continued, “It’s all free; reach out”, She suggests that all students should seek to take advantage of these services and to “not be shy.” It’s here for the students to use at any time and for any trouble, they might have “we are ready” she said. They even recently started a virtual help desk. This virtual desk helps move forward her philosophy of “trying to do things as if we were at school.”

She also suggested, that if more students attend these wellness meetings and virtual front desks, “they are willing to expand” their services. The service depends on how it’s used by its students.

You can get information for future events that the Health and Wellness Service will be offering on their Instagram account: Health_Wellness_Grossmont and information can also be found on their Facebook page: The Common Ground at Grossmont College. You can also search for the Health and Wellness Center through the Grossmont website. 

Many more events and meetings to come and many yet to be announced. This service is filled with a team that wants to see you succeed as a person and make your life as a student here at Grossmont Community College great and help solve any issues you may have.

“I miss that,” Harrington said. “I miss that connection with the student. Even if it’s for a band-aid.”