Grossmont is Having a De-Stress Week

Unwind during the stressful last few weeks of the semester.


It’s the week before finals. The most stressful and dreaded time of a student’s lifetime. To help students unwind, this week, Grossmont CalWORKs and the Inter-Club Council are hosting “Spring 2021 De-Stress Week.”

This entails two, hour and a half zoom sessions of relaxation with a counselor. The first was today at 1 p.m. that lasted to 2:30 p.m. but the next one will be at the same time on Thursday.

The zoom sessions will include multiple guided meditations and deep breathing techniques to “help you reduce stress and feel more balanced at the end of this semester,” as posted on the Grossmont CalWORKs Instagram page.

Grossmont civil engineering major, Nashwan Kaka, 23, has 2 chemistry finals and a calculus final coming up that he says he loses sleep over it. From the minute he wakes up to the moment his head hits the pillow, Kaka is studying. “I’ve grown to hate my laptop because I associate it with stress,” he said.

Kaka admits that he is a bit nervous to try guided meditation. “I don’t normally try new things, but I’m so stressed I’ll try anything at this point,” said Kaka. “I’m also a giggler, so I’m glad the session is over zoom so I don’t come off as rude or disrespectful,” he added.

Kaka expressed that he thought this unwinding of the mind was a good idea and that it would be cool if the school would do a session on physical stress as well. “I have extreme lower back pain during finals. I know I should get that checked out but maybe a yoga session on Zoom wouldn’t hurt,” said Kaka.

For students who are looking to unwind or are simply just interested, you may join with Zoom ID 553 683 7455 and the password: ithink20.