Important Updates from Admissions and Records

Updates from admissions and records as we head into the Fall 2020 semester.


Kyler McPhillips, Staff Writer

Admissions and Records provided several new updates for students as Grossmont College tries to accommodate students struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The deadline for Pass/ No Pass is Aug. 5 for Summer 2021 and Dec. 18 for Fall 2021. This allows students to be able to apply for Pass/No Pass instead of a letter grade on the final day of each semester.

Other important updates made were to excused withdrawals from courses. During the 2020 calendar year, all students had the option to be excused with a full refund in any scenario because of the impacts of the pandemic. Students will now be required to go back to the previous process of appealing and providing documentation of their extenuating circumstances.

The deadline to receive retroactive credit with a refund for the Spring, Summer, or Fall 2020 semesters is December 18, 2021. Any student that had circumstances revolving around COVID-19 for one of those semesters that caused issues with a course(s) can file a petition with either Grossmont or Cuyamaca.

For any other questions, you can reach the admissions and records of Grossmont [email protected] or call 619-644-7186. To reach admissions and records at Cuyamaca, email [email protected] or call 619-660-4275.