College Hell Week

Grossmont students discuss finals week.


Curt Brooks, Staff Writer

If there was a time that could be considered war for the college student  it would have to be final’s week. It’s the culmination of a semester of learning that can often make or break your grade. 

Finals are the climatic finish line to end the semester, but they are also like the finish line at the end of a marathon.Depending on the number of classes you take, finals can be really stressful. Depending on what type of student they are, some people are prepared and some play it by ear. 

A final can come in many different forms, from a test to a final project. The more personal can come in the form of a practical exam to display skills learned throughout the semester.

How do students prepare for these exams? Do they study like crazy leading up to the day, or do they wait until the day before and cram one long night? Maybe they use flash cards or scour a  textbook for all the answers.

“I had to time manage my entire schedule,” said Arthur Hernandez, an audio production major at Grossmont. “It was stressful, but I like how I was able to take my time.”

Time management is one of the most crucial skills you can build while preparing for any important exam. It can be what gives you all the tools necessary for the big moment in question.  You build not only the time needed to prepare, but also the time needed to rest.

As stressful as finals are, it isn’t hard to overwork yourself and make things harder on yourself. There’s enough work to do that you don’t want to add burden to the already toughest part of the semester.

“This year’s finals has been the cherry on top of what was a very stressful and tough semester for myself, although there’s hoping that we can get in-person again soon,” said Temmel Baran-Persaud, a media communications major. However, speed isn’t everything if we’re going in the wrong direction.” 

Students have had to deal with not only the norm of college’s most stressful time, but also the added bit of doing it during a pandemic. Whatever preparation students did before, COVID-19 added to the prep when many students had to learn a totally different way. As one of the toughest semesters for many students, getting to finals is a sign that you’re so close to finishing a trial you faced. 

There is some solace to see finals as the finish line to the semester, and with enough preparation and hard work students will get through it. The outcome is proof the time and effort you put in and the stress you endured was truly worth it.