It’s All About Motivation

Balancing work and school is difficult, but it can be done.


Jacqueline Colombo, Staff Writer

It is not uncommon for college students to have part-time jobs so they can make some money while working their way up to a diploma. However, it can be a lot at times. A few college students, all with different majors and attending different schools, were asked how they maintain a healthy work life balance.

Amber Bonanno, a Cal State San Marcos Human Development graduate, is currently taking internship courses at Palomar Community College. When asked how she holds up both work and school, she said: “I try to find time when I’m not working. I try to plan out when I will have time to study. I think it’s about time management.” 

Balancing school, work and homework and still making time for a social life can be difficult. That is why many students work part-time jobs instead of full-time if they are able. 

“I’ll use a calendar and put down the dates that I have things to do and put down that I’ll have to study and make sure I am prepared for my exams, but also after nights at work I’ll come home and study late, because I’ll have no time to cram,” Bonano said.

Often, students who work a lot have to cram in those late night study sessions, especially if they work double shifts. That is why it is good to set aside any free time, even if it is just for an hour, to focus on some assignments. 

Bonano said: “My boyfriend motivates me by telling me to make sure I’m studying, don’t mess around, make sure you’re focused. I also internally know what my end goal is so I just get this mind set of ‘let’s just get this done.’ I’ll be struggling for a couple days, but I’ll be aiming towards my goal.”

Vanessa Egan, a nursing major at Mesa College, offered some helpful tips. “Balancing work and school can be challenging, but thankfully I have a flexible work schedule and school is only part-time right now,” said Egan.

“I make sure I take off the days I am in class, or if I feel confident enough, I will work in the evening after class, and take the nights before class off so I can prepare for exams and finish up labs or homework,” Egan added.

Egan admitted it can be hard to stay motivated.

“It can be hard staying motivated since it is my second go-around in college, and I am older now, but I am my biggest motivator,” she said. “I want the best life for myself so I keep pushing myself to do better and get into nursing school. My family and boyfriend also help keep me motivated.”

Egan also recommended not worrying about what everyone else is doing or what their pace is compared to yours.