Fridenmaker 13 exhibit their photos at Hyde Art Gallery in tribute to their one-time teacher

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)– It was the summer of 1972. Charles Fridenmaker, a photography teacher at Grossmont College, held a photography workshop. A few months later, Fridenmaker died. He was in his early 30s. In fact, the famous photographer Ansel Adams wrote a letter of sympathy to his widow Susan.

Over the years, 13 of Fridenmaker’s students who were enrolled in his 1972 summer workshop have stayed in touch and, remarkably, all of them today have careers that, in some way, are involved with the photography industry. Some are professional photographers, some run companies selling photographic equipment, and others are photo lab techs, including Grossmont College’s own Susan Richardson.

Thirty eight years later, the 13 students have contributed a total of 115 of their photos for an exhibition at the Hyde Art Gallery on campus.. The exhibit was put together by Alfred Pagano, owner of Giant Photo Service of San Diego, and David Wing, who was appointed to succeed  Fridenmaker and who taught in the Grossmont College Photography program until his retirement in 2003.

Attending the gallery reception tonight (Tuesday, Nov. 16), according to  Pagano, will be 12 of the 13 former students – along with Susan Stanford, Chuck Fridenmaker’s widow, and their two grown daughters.

Preceding provided by Grossmont College’s public information office