‘Black Swan’ dramatizes dancer’s drive

Alexis Tittle

LA MESA– The movie Black Swan is a story about the epic lengths one ballerina (Natalie Portman) goes not to play, but to become, her part. Her journey is not an easy one as she has to deal with an overbearing mother who is always invading her privacy. Her instructor also repeatedly  pushes her to “be the part.”

To make things even more spicy, Mila Kunis plays her understudy and competition for the leading role. This move takes so many unexpected twists you’re not sure what will happen next. Make sure to see this movie if you’re thinking of becoming an actress,  studying film analysis, or have a passion for dance. This movie is sure to impress.

At Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, Black Swan will vie in five major categories: Best picture, Best leading actress, cinematography, directing and film editing.

Tittle is a student in Media Comm 132; she may be contacted at [email protected]