Groundskeepers, maintenance spring clean

Martin Hipwell replaces a busted sprinkler-head.

Russell Lindquist

Story and photos by Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–While the students are away, maintenance workers will … work, work, work! They will be on campus throughout Spring break. For them, it is business-as-usual.

Plenty of the work is typical: window washing, mopping, lawn mowing and the like. Yet, with students temporarily missing from the campus – except for a few, here and there – maintenance workers (and construction crews) are freed to do some of the work that is too intrusive for Grossmont’s normal hours-of-operation.

Among the exceptional work is to pour new concrete in the 200 Arts area so that the ground will be smoother thus less likely to cause students to trip.

Jim Recktenwald touches up new cement installed by him, James, Dave, Chris and Mike

Construction workers seize on the (virtually) student-less situation of Spring Break, removing the sidewalk to lay plumbing

Workers also installed a new remote control for the campus’ water system which, according to Florentino Ramos who worked on the installation, will “help to conserve water by making it easier to turn it on and off for the whole campus.”

Felipe Palacios (left) and Florentino Ramos install a new remote for the campus

Ed Riel and Joaquin Barbay erected a shade structure for the kilns of Grossmont’s  classes in 3D-design and sculpture. Riel Construction’s was the winning bid for the district-funded endeavor.

Joaquin Barbay (left) and Ed Riel break from installing a shade structure for the kilns of the sculpture class

But even maintenance – though typically likw clockwork – is not without its own interesting surprises. Kelly White, a senior groundskeeper for Grossmont mentioned that, whilst cleaning in the parking lot, he discovered the following:

Three hamburger wrappers, six empty beer cans and six condom wrappers.

Kelly White, senior groundskeeper

Maurice Watkins, a 10 year maintenance veteran briefly breaks from mopping.

Dennis Sigler washes the windows of the tech mall

Mark Brown sweeps the sidewalks out in front of building 220

Alfredo equips himself for his next cleaning task

Jim Gillan stops to pose, on his way to fix sprinklers

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