Artist poses with ‘Me’ — er, with himself

Alexis Tittle

'Me' by Victor Zepeda

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Hyde Art Gallery was busy and full of Grossmont students, teachers, parents, and art enthusiast all enjoying the 300 + pieces on display. The night also included complementary pizza and cookies with coffee and soda to drink. The occasion: The awards ceremony May 17 honoring winners of the Student Art Exhibition.

Twenty-nine awards were given in seven different categories such as best of show, award of merit, art and design club, digital, art history, ceramics and photography. The honor of best of show and winner of $200 was awarded to Marie Ritz for her photo piece,” Grandma’s Pin”.   Ben Aubert, the gallery’s curator,   said he was mesmerized by its unique scale and felt the win was well deserved.

I was drawn to a piece by Victor Zepeda.

His self-portrait, appropriately titled “Me,” won the Art and Design Club award.  Although the piece is a self-portrait, Zepeda said his brother was the primary inspiration. The piece was selling for $75 of which Victor stated “ Its kind of high because I want to keep it.”  Then his brother Tony Zepeda interjected, “I’ll buy it from you.”Victor also said the drawing is not meant to be serious;  it’s meant to be funny.

The Grossmont Art Council had the difficult task of selecting the winners. The honor of Best of Show and a $200 cash prize was given to Marie Ritz. Awards of Merit and $75 were given to students Megan Pobywajlo-Bailey, Ramon Britton, Jacob Giamanco, and William Huff.

The Art and Design Club award and $50 was given to Victor Zepeda. Five students were honored with digital awards and $50 ; Evan Lopez, Ken Roff, Belinda Riley, Jessica Wilson, and Nayeli Contreas Bernate.

Two Art History awards and $125 were given to Adam Maruhn and Veronika Glauzunova. Two Ceramics awards and $50 each were given to Heather Swanson and Andriele Stodden. The photography department gave a total of 14 awards with cash prizes ranging from $50 to $250.

The following students were honored for awards in photography; William James, Michael Terrenan, Robert Sanchez, Cabray Scott, Dominic Ojeda, Dee Carasa, Megan Pobywajlo-Bailey, Martha Pedroza, Jean Espedal, Patrick McGuire, Lyubov Chepurna, Noelle Purchase, Connie Garcia, and Christopher Glenn.

Tittle is a student in Media Comm 132