9/11 Memorial Olive Tree planted on campus

Kellen Brauer

Sept. 11 remembrance tree planted Tuesday, Sept. 13, by left column, from front: Grossmont President Sunita Cooke, ASGC President Cheryl-Anne Phillips, Christopher Foskett and groundsman Martin Hipwell, and right column, from front, Tina Howell, Arianna Nevins, Samantha Elliott, Danielle Ramirez and groundsman Jack Newman.

Kellen Brauer
Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- An olive tree was planted Tuesday, Sept. 13,  in remembrance of the victims of the  September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The tree was planted in front of Building 55. Messages written by students about the attacks dangled from its branches.

Due to last Thursday’s countywide power outage, the campus was closed Friday which was when the ceremony had been originally scheduled. This meant that the ceremony had a small turnout due to students not knowing about the date change.

“The ceremony took place at 9:30a.m.,” said ASGC member Chris Foskett. “There were not a lot of people there.”

“Hopefully a lot of people will see the tree now that it’s there,” said ASGC member Sicarra Devers. “I guess the plans for the ceremony got a little bit messed up due to the power outage.”

Brauer is a student in Media Comm 132.  He may be contacted at [email protected]