Public interacted with student art at 50th anniversary fete

Sean Asuncion

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The public was able to see and purchase art by students and faculty and also create some art of their own during the college’s 50th anniversary celebration over April 13 and 14.

Visitors were able to shape pottery, paint with many colors, and draw as they wanted with a choice of artist materials. They thereby experienced what an artist does every day even if for just a little while. The public was able to express itself in a variety of media including paper and wood.

Indoors and outdoors at the art complex, viewers could look intently into student paintings and then into themselves to ponder what meanings the art stirred for them.  As for myself, dark pitch-black colors made me feel a little sad, while a painting of a father and his son reminded me of the happy memories I share with my father. A painting of a purple lady looking to the stars reminded of everything that inspires me to live life every day.

Some well-executed techniques were evident throughout the exhibit. Studying the brush strokes and the shading, I had a feeling for how much time and dedication students put into their works. Some of the art pieces were so impactful, it was difficult to remember that these were the works of students and not of professionals.

The event benefited both the art community and the general community.  Better yet, it may have inspired future artists to come.

Asuncion is arts editor of GC Summit.  He may be contacted at [email protected]

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