‘John Carter’ is a violent Martian adventure

Sean Asuncion

SAN DIEGO — John Carter is a comedic, dramatic, and adventurous movie based on the book Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The story is revealed when a nephew finds a note from John Carter telling storries of his travels.

The movie is made enjoyable with some wonderful graphic effects.

Imagine being an alien on another planet with superhuman abilities.  It was entertaining to watch  John Carter live out that fantasy.  Carter is an ex-Confederate soldier looking for riches who accidentally discovers something that gives him the ability to transport from one planet to another.

He soon finds himself on Mars, known to the natives as “Barsoom,” where he falls in love, has to decide whether to join a war or not, and eventually transforms from human to alien form.  Along the way, he experiences becoming an alien baby, gaining super natural abilities and learning to travel like the natives.

Although most Disney movies are aimed at the younger generation,  John Carter is a rarity unsuitable for children below 13 because it contains so much violence.From torturing an alien,  killing aliens in gun fights, to a decapitated alien,  John Carter seems far too raw for pre-teens.

For more mature viewers, John Carter can be quite enjoyable, especially for those capable of imagining that they, and not John Carter, are the ones facing multiple crises and perspective-changing new ways of life.

Asuncion is arts editor of the GC Summit.  He may be contacted at [email protected]