Winning students get money for their dough

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Nicholas Zizzo measures a pizza

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Students lined up recently to try their hand at making pizzas, with Nicholas Zizzo of Griffin Center Food Services giving prizes for the largest-diameter pizza made from the same amount of dough and for the highest distance a pizza could be tossed and caught.

First place went to William Higuera, who won a mini fridge and $50 gift card.  Aldo Gonzalo, in second place, earned Dragon sunglasses by Rockstar and a $25 gift card.  Skylar Cunningham, in third, won some golfing privileges and a $25 gift card.

To determine how high the pizza was tossed, tape was placed on a tree near the event. No tears or holes wewre permitted when the pizzas were rolled out in diameter.

It was fun to watch the contestants toss dough in the air; waiting to see if it would land on their face, or perhaps fall on some other person, or land on the roof. It was also nerve racking watching them stretch the pizza dough waiting for any signs of a tear in the pizza.

It was very smart to hold the event in front of the Griffin Center because it drew many spectators who took photos on their cell phones as well as some videos.   Zizzo’s event ws another example of activities at Grossmont that are inviting and fun.

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