New semester, New WiFi

New semester, New WiFi

Levi Herrera, Senior Staff Writer

Grossmont Community College is home to thousands of students. For many years, students have complained about the speed of the WiFi. This semester, school officials have improved the WiFi in many buildings around the campus.


Grossmont student Ruby Castillo, 19, has struggled with Wi-Fi problems since last semester. “My laptop was an older version, so I believed that was the problem,” said Castillo. “This semester I got a new Dell laptop, but I notice that the WiFi has improved in many classrooms.”


Students once believed that the speed of WiFi would vary from different parts of the campus. Many would complain that buildings further away would have a harder time to connect to the school’s WiFi.


“Last semester, it would be hard to connect to the WiFi around building 34, “ said Castillo. “Now, I find it is less of a hassle.”


Like Castillo, many students have found it easy to connect to the WiFi with little to no problems. What students may not know is that the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community District College website offers a Wireless Update Status page.


The Wireless Update Status page can be seen in the “Information Technology” section. This page can inform students which buildings have been updated with better WiFi. This page includes information about buildings that have not been updated as well.


The majority of buildings around Grossmont College have been improved for the Fall semester. In the meantime, buildings 21-27, 31, 43 and 62 have not been updated due to construction around the campus. There are no specific dates when these buildings may receive a wireless update.    


While network specialists are working to improve the wireless network in certain areas, an alternative is to visit the Tech Mall. Students can go to the Tech Mall to use one of many computers.  


“The Tech Mall does get busy as the semester progresses,” said Crisa, a Tech Mall assistant. “During midterms and finals, we try to limit the use of computers to studying purposes.”


When the Tech Mall is full, there are computers available upstairs in the library as well. Students are able to use computers without time limits. Adding on, both the Tech Mall and the library are quiet places making it a peaceful area to work.


Adding on, both the Tech Mall and the Library offer printing stations. Black and white ink costs 15 cents per page while colored ink costs 75 cents per page.


With all the benefits the Tech Mall and the library offer, Why aren’t students taking advantage of these resources?


“I believe students want to work in different areas with their laptops,” said Crisa. “WiFi gives students the ability to work when they’re having lunch or even outside.”


As the semester progresses, students will be able to use the school’s WiFi throughout the campus with little to no problems. Network specialists have been working hard to improve the quality of WiFi from last semester.


Students who still have problems with WiFi should take the time to check out the Tech Mall.