Midterms Are Coming


Jocelyn Limon-Vazquez, Staff Writer

We need to be prepared.


Midterms are just around the corner which means we’re almost halfway done with the spring semester and we all know what comes after midterms…yes, spring break!

However, many students are putting their social lives and spring break plans aside for now, in order to focus on this semester’s midterm season. Exam weeks are always the worst; they feel like hell, literally. Study sessions and reviewing all the chapters professors have covered throughout then first eight weeks seem never-ending. And let’s not talk about the endless cups of coffee we need to drink for our all-nighters.

When it comes to exams, midterms, finals or any other tests professors give throughout the semester, it’s always good to prepare ahead of time, not the night before like many of us do. It’s important we invest some of our time studying and preparing for our exams because at the end of the semester our final grades will depend on our exams’ scores.

All of us have different ways of studying. Some students review their notes and the material, and others try to work in study groups or go to tutoring. Grossmont student, Nicolle Federico, said: “I start going to tutoring a week before my exam, and after that I try to skim through the material so I can review it.” Going to tutoring should always be one of our main options when preparing for midterms. Grossmont offers tutoring at no cost from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, in the Tech Mall.

Another student, Vivian Heredia, said, “I go to tutoring or I watch Youtube videos that help me study.” Angel Ramirez, a Grossmont student said, “I review my chapter notes and sometimes I attend some of my class’ study groups.”

Midterm season can be quite intimidating and stressful as well as time consuming. “I have a hard time finding the time to study and trying to figure out how to balance school, study time and social life,” Ramirez said. And remember that it is important to prepare ahead of time, at least a week before the day of your exam so you can understand everything thoroughly.

Cramming the night before the day of the exam is never a good idea.

Tutoring, reviewing notes, watching videos and scheduling office hours with professors are all good resources for midterm success.