Dance Department Performs Final Concert at the Kroc

Opening night at the theater is truly a magical experience. You are part of an intimate audience that gets to see a new show come to life on stage. The Grossmont College Dance Department’s spring faculty choreographed concert, Entrances and Exits, is an exhilarating show that will leave you mystified til the end.


Sara Rott, Staff Writer

The show had so many little details and surprises, it was sure to leave you speechless.

Along with a killer light show, dancers showed off their versatile moves. The opening production consisted of a mix of different dances and styles mixed into one big celebration, as dancers interacted with the audience by dancing through the isleways of the Joan B. Kroc Theatre. This semester, a brand new idea was brought up, the first dance of the show was broadcasted on the Dance Department’s Facebook page. It was a thrill to see Melissa Adao, a choreographer and expert in Hip-Hop, as well as staff member at the school, run through the crowd with her phone and engage with the audience.  

The introduction of Entrances and Exits, warns that it is sure to be an emotional roller coaster and she was so right. There were some opening night jitters as some dancers lost their track, but then quickly regained their rhythm.

The art of dance is meant to tell a story through movement and facial expressions without the use of words. It was interesting how the dancers and choreographers put together the show and made it flow together. Whether it was modern, jazz, tap or ballet, each one was perfectly placed, making the concert come together beautifully. This show was constructed and choreographed by 11 different faculty members at Grossmont, as students went on stage to perform their ideas.

The themes of variety and diversity echoed throughout this showcase. A very fun and interesting dance, the Spanish Flamenco dance, was choreographed by Sylvia Morales, an expert in the dance style. The fashionable performers wore traditional Spanish dresses and were accompanied by musicians performing authentic music. It was also accompanied by Castanets or clackers, which are small wooden instruments worn on the thumbs of conductors as they clack them together to guide the dancers through rhythmic beats. Another dance called Act Right, choreographed by Melissa Adao, was classic Hip-Hop fused with the influence of old-school and a hint of new-school.

The show did not shy away from provoking society’s standards, as demonstrated in the dance number dop*pel*gang*er. Choreographed by jazz expert Lesa M. Green, the performance erupted with intensity. With the help of strobe lights and powerful music, it was captivating and creative and pulled you in with every fierce dance move. Another example of this variety was Take a Seat choreographed by Ernest “Brownie” Brown, which was more or less a fun representation of a pompous high end party. The dancers made it exceptionally enchanting by conveying the feeling of the sexes being at war with each other.

In a final analysis of Entrances and Exits, the opening night was an amazing show that kept you enchanted and on the edge of your seat while watching many stories unfold and come together in a professional way.

After 17 years at the Joan B. Kroc center, it is bittersweet to announce that these will be the last dance concerts Grossmont will have at the center. Soon the community, performers and the dance department will return home to Grossmont College a remodeled performing arts theater.

In addition, major congratulations are in order to two dancers, Tiffany Martinez-Delgado and Leobardo R. Rubio, as they received the Grossmont College Dance Department “Excellence in Dance” 2019 scholarship recipients award. These two talented artists make cameos in many dances and show off their incredible skills.

The show runs April 26 and 27 at the Joan B. Kroc center. Come out and support the dancers, as it is surely a great show to see. If you can’t attend, then catch their live broadcast at GrossmontCollegeDance on Facebook.