A Tribute To The Mothers

Remembering the integral role of our mothers and the importance of showing our appreciation.

A Tribute To The Mothers

Olivia Linstad, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard anyone tell you, “If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way mom told you to in the beginning”? This humorous sentiment shows the truth behind the most important woman in many people’s lives. She supports, teaches and loves.

May 12, Mother’s Day, gave us all an opportunity to express our gratitude to that special woman, whether she is related by blood or not.

The London Journal of Primary Care studied the importance of bonding with a parent and how it has significant impacts to the child’s future. It stated: “The most valuable gift that a child can receive is free; it’s simply a parent’s love, time and support. This is no empty sentiment; science is now showing why baby’s brains need love more than anything else.”

Parents, specifically mothers, shaped and supported us from the beginning. Starting physically in the womb and continuing into adulthood by offering advice or doing a load of laundry during finals week.


Grossmont student Karissa Beckmann and future Grossmont student Marymay Peterson talked about their relationships with their moms and how these women have influenced them.

Mothers model foundational characteristics their children will surely mimic. One of these  important traits is work ethic. Beckmann said her mom of five children is, “Very hardworking and organized.”

When talking about her mom, Peterson also said, “She’s really hard working and stubborn, which isn’t always a good thing but it can be a good thing.”

Sometimes we see similar characteristics that undoubtedly come from our mother. Beckmann said: “We both love hanging out with people and talking to friends. We’re very social. We also both like sports and competitions.”

Other times, a small physical feature is a reminder of our mom when we look in the mirror. “My mom is full mexican and I don’t look mexican but our noses are really similar,” Peterson said.


From childhood, moms are making memories that will be cherished well into adulthood. “We have a lot of different memories from road trips,” Beckmann said. “We did road trips as a big family. Playing games like card games and board games.

Honestly, I got injured a lot in sports so doctor trips were always one on one time. We’d get food and make the best of it,” she added.

Peterson described her favorite memory: “We took a trip to Portland six or seven years ago. We took a train all the way up there. It was like 36 hours but so beautiful! We were just sitting there reading the entire time.”

Thinking of a gift to adequately express our love can be difficult. Beckmann said every year her siblings all write in a sentimental card for their mom. She also said, “Flowers are a simple ‘thank you for everything’ and framed family pictures are a good gift to give.”

When talking about her gifts for her mom, Peterson said, “I usually paint her a little card or something like that. She still has one up from last year,” adding on: “She’s not a very materialistic person. She’s very minimalist. So if I paint her something or make her something, she’d probably care about that or cherish it more than anything I’d buy her.”

A handmade gift should showcase your talent (maybe passed down from your mom) whether it’s art, music or something in the kitchen.

Chances are, many of us celebrated our mother or mother figure recently for Mother’s Day. Of course, going out to lunch and giving her flowers or a small gift is always appreciated, but we don’t need a designated day to honor an important woman.

Showing her our love and respect through a small act or expression is crucial everyday, not just Mother’s Day.