Summer Trips

Destination hot-spots you will want to visit this summer.


Jocelyn Limon-Vazquez, Senior Staff Writer

Bonfires, sand, waves, and hot sunny days…yes, that means summer is just around the corner.   We can already hear the ocean and mountains calling our names and with less than four weeks remaining of spring semester, we can’t help but think of the summer adventures that await us.

Summer vacation can be extremely fun but when we don’t have any exciting plans, our summer break can be, well… unexciting. Fortunately, there’s always one thing we can do that will make our summer experience unforgettable.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this one thing is. The answer : traveling. Our world is full of majestic places that we have yet to explore. So, if you’re wondering where to go or what to do this summer; here are some places that, according to National Geographic and Forbes, are the best destinations to visit this summer.


Mexico City, Mexico

Number one on the list, according to the National Geographic article, “Best trips in 2019”: Mexico City is known for its good, mouth-watering food that you can find on every street corner. It is also known for its historic landmarks. For example, a few miles into the northeastern side of Mexico City, you will find the Teotihuacan pyramids which are said to be thousands of years old.

-Cheap flight prices range from $160-210




Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is known for its stunning ancient temples and vibrant colors. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, one of them being the Doi Suthep. Standing at 5,400 meters, this mountain has a view over the city and is Chiang Mai’s main attraction. Hotel and restaurant prices are relatively cheap. Cheapest hotel prices range from $12 to $113 a night.

-Cheap flight prices range from $460-$960




Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most popular destination spot throughout Indonesia. With some of the most beautiful crystal clear beaches and magical waterfalls, a trip to Bali will definitely give you an unforgettable summer break. Flight prices can be somewhat pricey, however. Some of the best hotels can cost around $50 a night while casual meals can cost as low as $3.

-Fight prices range from $940-5,000



Alberta, Canada

With more than 600 lakes and beautiful mountains all over this province, Alberta is one of the best summer places to visit. If you’re an outdoorsy person Alberta should definitely be your next traveling destination. You can spend a few nights in some of the most stunning cabins tucked into the woods while going on magnificent hikes with breathtaking views. It makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Although prices can definitely be expensive, ranging from $500 – $700, Alberta is around 30 hours from San Diego.So if you and your friends love going on road trips, then it’s time to start preparing for the best road trip experience ever.