ASGC Spring Planning

It’s a busy time for our student government.

ASGC Spring Planning

Joe Valerio, Staff Writer

The Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) has one of their major events going on in March as they are currently looking for individuals to fill two senator positions.

President Leo Rubio said in a written response, “We are trying to get people to apply and become part of this amazing community.”

ASGC is planning to fill these positions in their staff. They are excited about this event as student government representatives have tried to encourage students to get more involved with Grossmont College.

For students at Grossmont, having new representatives in ASGC might bring welcomed change, such as new and different initiatives that could change the history of the school as a whole.

Rubio said, “ASGC wants nothing more than to advocate and learn how it is that we can make a difference for students on campus and also how to represent the student voice as fairly as possible.”

ASGC members are appointed by the governing committees, but it is not known when the new members will be announced. ASGC’s next event in March is a big conference called The General Assembly located in Ontario, California. All the colleges from California come together to vote on resolutions at the conference, which will impact the whole community college student body of the state. 

ASGC members said they hope it will positively impact not just other schools, but Grossmont College as well. The ASGC is going to spend this month reviewing resolutions from the whole state to ensure ASGC delivers the best possible result to the student body.

“One of the ways ASGC prepares is through identity training,” Rubio said. “Identifying its identities and intersectionalities which will lead everyone to a path in which the department can use these oppressed or privileged identities to its favor and help people whose voices cannot be heard.”