Building 36 Gets a Fix

Construction crews on campus demolish Building 36.


Building 31 under construction during the Fall 2019 semester. Photo by Sharisse Cohee

Desmond J. Rhea, Senior Staff Writer

Yes, the headline says it all, Building 36 is being remodeled. While the majority of students are off campus remotely learning, the back-up alarms of loaders and skid steers haven’t stopped.

Building 36 has been demolished leaving nothing but the concrete foundation. The new structure will be two-stories with classrooms, faculty offices and a new location for the Veterans Resource Center. Bidding for the construction of the project should begin this month and completion of the project is expected by 2022.

Director of College and Community Relations, Lorena Ruggero, explained the future of construction on campus.

 “The 200’s buildings will eventually be demolished to make way for a new three-story building for several programs in the Division of Arts, Languages and Communications.” Demolition of the 200’s buildings won’t begin until after the completion of the new Building 36.

Several other projects on campus are also being finished. The renovations include a concrete replacement, ADA approved restrooms and the completion of an orchestra shell for the Performing and Visual Arts Center.

The continued additions being constructed on campus are both attractive and praiseworthy. It is saddening that many current students will not be able to enjoy the amenities but Grossmont is still there for them.