CSU Application Deadlines Extended

COVID-19 causes CSU’s to extend their application deadline to Dec.15.


Mardeen Ahmad, Staff Writer

Beginning Dec. 1, the deadline to submit California State University (CSU) applications was extended to Dec. 15. The original deadline was slated for Dec. 4.

The California State University website stated that this was “to better serve high school and community colleges facing university admissions challenges caused by COVID-19.”

The CSU system is the largest network of universities in the nation with over 480,000 students. Half of these students transfer in from California community colleges. Grossmont College is number one in transfers to SDSU. Most Grossmont students who intend on transferring have SDSU on their list.

“This is such a huge relief,” said Hellan Peromari. Peromari is a psychology major at Grossmont who is filling out her CSU applications for this fall. “It’s just one less thing to stress over, Peromari said. “This year was so tough; the extra time really helps.”

Students hoping to transfer can go to the CSU Application Portal before Dec. 15 to fill out their applications. Many students find the application process to be quite overwhelming, which is why Grossmont has created a free canvas course to guide students.

This year was so tough; the extra time really helps.

— Hellan Peromari, Psychology Major at Grossmont

The course will show up on your canvas dashboard with all of your other classes. There is one module provided that goes through all the steps. The first step helps to determine your eligibility for all the different CSU’s. The second step explains how to set up a CSU portal account, leading to step three, the actual application.

Completing the application is not the end of the process, however.  An electronic form called the “Cal State Apply Update” will be due on Jan. 31, 2021. Through this update,  students can report their fall grades and any changes to their spring grades.

Some CSU’s require additional supplemental applications along with the Cal State Apply Update. For example, SDSU’s supplemental application will open in early January and due Jan. 22, 2021.