The Club Connection

If you’re feeling isolated, college clubs offer opportunity to meet fellow students online.

Jacqueline Colombo, Staff Writer

If you haven’t found love yet, try falling in love with a new club.

Every year, Grossmont College does club rushes where you can learn more about the clubs and what they entail. But this year, due to COVID-19, the rush was held over Zoom in the form of speed dating. 

Every club president had 15 minutes to speak about their club and answer any questions at the end. The rush was about two hours long, and each club was welcoming and friendly.

Starting college can be scary, especially when you don’t know anyone. Thankfully, there’s clubs at Grossmont. Not only are they great for socializing, but you can also learn a lot of new things and find new interests. Clubs might be a little different right now, but there are still so many reasons to attend one. 

Clubs are a great way to get the full college experience. Instead of just studying and graduating, you get to actually have fun, too. 

“Coming from being someone who was straight academic, clubs really help you ease your mind.”

— Cheexeng Lee, International Club

Some of the many clubs present at the event were The Arabic Club, The Cardiovascular Club and the International Club. Grossmont currently offers more than 30 clubs covering a range of interests. You may ask, “How do I sign up for a club if it is all through Zoom?” If you’re interested, you can email the club’s faculty adviser.

“Those who want to participate must let the ASG know in advance as opposed to this year because it is all online, you don’t really need to plan or prepare ahead of time,” Lee said. 

Of course, all clubs are different online compared to in-person, but the club presidents do a great job at making sure they are still entertaining and fun, even from your own home. The best part is that you can join more than one club. 

When asked about joining another club, Lee responded, “I will look at my options first, but I will probably try to look at another international club for sure.” 

Lee has been president of two clubs, one at La Mesa College in San Diego and one at Grossmont. He said he is very focused on international students and locals getting to interact and engage in new bonds. 

“The point behind these events is to basically give everyone at Grossmont College, especially both local and international students, a chance to be able to engage with each other and get to know other people,” he said.