Football is Back at Grossmont College

A football hype package signals the return of Grossmont football.

Nathan Kitchen, Staff Writer

It has been approximately 534 days since Grossmont College last suited up for a game against the Golden West Eagles. After 2020 was plagued with delays and a canceled season for the Griffins, the football team made a return to the field. And after being away from the beautiful field for so long, it’s finally time.

The Grossmont College Griffins Instagram page recently posted a hype video package showing the players returning to the sport they missed dearly for the last year and a half. The video was made by the defensive coordinator for the Griffins, Coach C.J. Arnold and his team, Darkside Productions. The hype is very real for the return of the Grossmont College Griffins Football Team to the fall 2021 season.

The 2021 season looks to be a bounceback and a rebirth of Grossmont football. In the 2019 season, the Griffins struggled to move the ball on offense, forcing the defense to be put out there, tirelessly stopping the other teams from scoring. With an extra year to train and prepare due to COVID-19, will the Griffins answer the challenge?

Griffins football fans should get ready to see the players perform on the field, and this time achieve more wins instead of losses. The future looks bright for Griffin football as there will be a chance for highlights over lowlights for the upcoming season.

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