Paola Mendoza On Grossmont’s International Club


Jacqueline Colombo, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that life is different nowadays, especially if you’re a student. Remember when students would join clubs at their school and have fun activities such as club rushes, or even fun charity events? Well, a global pandemic had other plans for people and did not care whether or not you were a student.

For about a year now, all school activities have been held over Zoom video chats. While those  can still be fun, it is not the same as before. 

Speaking with International Club member Paola Mendoza and asked if there are any ideas that could be fun for Zoom activities. 

Mendoza, who is in her first year in the club, stated that more social meetings where all of the International students can get to know each other and that it would be open to everyone at Grossmont College. 

 When  asked about any fun activities for when students return to campus Mendoza said,. “I would like to have a few days outside of campus, because everyone is new and wants to know the city.” Mendoza also mentioned what areas would be fun to go to. She mentioned the Safari Park and the Aquarium. She also mentioned that another fun campus idea is to get everyone together and take the MTS, start at Grossmont and end at Old Town or Balboa Park.  When asked what her favorite part about being in the club was,  Mendoza  answered, “the support that you have, because being a part of any club at Grossmont College is not like you’re just taking classes. You join any clubs and you get updates and emails. It’s more like a community.” 

If you follow the International Club on their Instagram which is @gccinternational_club, you have most likely seen that they have held a Harry Potter movie night every Friday night. Mendoza said that she would like to have more movie nights once they are back on campus, and they can bring a projector to the park. If this doesn’t make you want to make you join the club next month, I don’t know what will.