Course Spotlights Global Issues

A new social science course is available this summer.

Mardeen Ahmad

Geography 101: Global Issues has recently been added to the classes available for the summer 2021 session. The three-unit course will run for eight weeks, from June 14 to Aug. 10 with Geography Professor Judd Curran.

The class will cover topics such as economic inequality, climate change, modern slavery, global trade, labor human rights and more. All these topics are ones about which Curran is very outspoken. 

“Senseless dumping of persistent chemicals in the name of greed and profit, still poisoning us and the environment in which we live decades later, is a low-point for humanity,” Curran wrote in a Tweet responding to a Los Angeles Times article about the cleaning up of toxic waste at the bottom of Santa Catalina Island waters. 

For students who would like to transfer to either a CSU or UC, the course is transferable and fulfills the Social Science/Area D requirement. 

“If I knew about this when I was attending Grossmont I definitely would have taken it,” Grossmont Alumni Nawras Mikha said. “It’s covering some pretty important stuff. Especially climate change since we’re kind of on a time crunch now.” 

For more information or to ask any questions about GEOG 101, students may contact Curran at [email protected] or calling 619-644-7343. For general updates about Grossmont’s Earth Science Department, follow its Instagram page, @grossmont_earth_science.

It is now open enrollment for the Grossmont summer 2021 term. For those interested in enrolling, the course’s section number is #9527.