COVID Clinic

The COVID-19 vaccine Is being offered at Grossmont.


Mardeen Ahmad

Live Well San Diego has partnered with Grossmont College to establish a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on campus. The clinic will be set up in Parking Lot 1 this Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Vaccines will be provided at no cost by the County of San Diego. 

Live Well San Diego describes itself as “a vision for a region that is building better health, living safely, and thriving.” It has partnered with more than 500 organizations to further its work of keeping San Diego healthy. 

“Together, we can do more than each of us alone,” its website reads. 

To get the vaccine, those aged 12 to18 must make an appointment for the Pfizer vaccine. Anyone over the age of 18 may also make an appointment, but it is not required. “Walk-ins welcome!” according to the Grossmont Health and Wellness Center’s Instagram account. 

Keep in mind walk-ins are taken based on vaccine availability, so any of the three (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson) may be administered. Second-dose appointments will be made at the clinic based on the brand of vaccine received. 

Appointments will also be provided in the car for those with disabilities. 

Prior to receiving the vaccine, a health screening will be given to the recipient. During the appointment, face masks and social distancing will be required. Recipients must bring a valid photo ID and if needed, further documentation proving vaccine eligibility. 

After the vaccine is administered, the recipient will be asked to stay at the clinic for 15 minutes, allowing for observation to make sure there is no dangerous reaction. Those with severe food allergies or allergies to other vaccines will have to stay for 30 minutes. 

The recipient will also be provided with a vaccination card that will have the date of the first and second dose. 

Grossmont Student Aria Jones, 20, said she is planning on stopping by to get her vaccine Wednesday as she is the last in her family to get it. Jones was part of the last phase of vaccine rollouts and hasn’t gotten around to getting it. 

“It’s nice that the vaccine is being offered at Grossmont. It’s just more comfortable, you know. I know my way around and I’ll probably even see some familiar faces,” Jones said, adding that had the vaccine not become available at Grossmont, she likely would have continued to procrastinate getting it. 

Jones said she is concerned about the side effects of the vaccine. “Everyone in my family got so sick after their second dose except for my dad,” she explained. “I’m hoping I take after him because I hate being sick with a passion.” 

Jones mentioned she would like to get the Pfizer vaccine if she can. When asked why, she explained, “On Twitter, there’s a vaccine hierarchy and Pfizer is at the top.” 

Those who wish to get the vaccine on Wednesday can make an appointment here or walk in between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.