Enrolling at Grossmont College

How-to guide on enrolling at Grossmont from the comfort of your own home.


Curt Brooks, Staff Writer

Grossmont College makes it quick and easy to enroll in your preferred semester.

We can all do so much online, including enrolling in the next semester of college courses. If you are a new or readmit student, you need to apply online at grossmont.edu. This is made super convenient with the ability to register from home or work.

Before you register, be sure to review the class schedule online and to check prerequisite clearance information. Read the registration information in the online class schedule at and verify registration dates.

There is even a chance you can have your fees waived. Many students can have their fees waived, but they don’t apply. The easiest way to qualify for a fee waiver is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. You can fill out FAFSA online at fafsa.ed.gov. Completing this form will have you considered for all of the financial aid programs at Grossmont, including the fee waiver.

You can also apply for the fee waiver waiver by going online to and selecting “Apply for an Enrollment Fee Waiver.” You may also be eligible for a refund of the fees you have already paid.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities for a higher education and the chance to pay less at the same time.