Campus Return Update

An open forum held by the chancellor covered important info regarding the return to campus in the future.


Kyler McPhillips, Staff Writer

The time to return to campus is nearly here!

Chancellor Lynn Neault held an open forum May 28 detailing some important information regarding the return to Grossmont’s campus in person coming soon.

On June 15, California officially reopened, which means there is no longer a county tier system on COVID-19 cases. This also means that masks and distancing will no longer be required, which greatly improves chances at moving schools back to in-person. 

So, what does this mean for a return to Grossmont? Well, Neault did inform everyone that Summer classes will stay online only, although that is due to ventilation still being worked on at the campus. However, there will be a “phased return” starting this and next month for all staff employees.

Through the remainder of June, select staff are back on campus where necessary. In July, phase two begins, will a full transition back for all operational employees.

Phase three occurs in January, when all employees return to pre-pandemic scheduling.Online as well as remote classes will continue, with Zoom meetings being encouraged. In the following months, more changes and modifications will be made when necessary.

While many students want to be back on campus, there is actually a significant amount who prefer to stay online, at least to some extent. Out of a total of nearly 30,000 students surveyed between both Grossmont and Cuyamaca’s campuses, a majority 41 percent want both online and in-person classes.

Only 23 percent want to be fully back on campus, and 33 percent want online-only to stay. This could be for a variety of reasons, but the schools seem to be willing to accommodate and make the changes students want, which Neault said could be leaning toward online classes as a heavier option than they were pre-pandemic. 

Students also had the option to explain their reasonings for their selection in the survey, with nearly 50 percent stating it was because they felt other students would not follow safety protocols, alongside other concerns such as scheduling, health, transportation and financial reasons.

One other important concern is vaccines. As of right now, there is no confirmed decision on whether or not they will be required in the GCCCD district, but they will be heavily encouraged.  

When students do return to campus, there will be compliance signs placed around the campus warning of distancing and safety, outdoor areas for students to access wireless and remote classes, and more precautions such as some health and safety specialists on campus to make for an easier transition for staff and students returning back on to campus.

The big news is there will be some on-campus classes coming this Fall semester at both Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges. Cuyamaca will have 29 percent of its classes face-to-face or hybrid, and Grossmont will have 36 percent. Fall registration officially begins June 28.