Calbright in Danger of Lights Out

After a “scathing report,” online-only Calbright College is being called to shut down.

Kyler McPhillips, Staff Writer

A “scathing report” was recently released regarding Calbright College, California’s online-only college.

The report from California State Auditor Elaine Howle detailed the multitude of failures occurring within the college, such as “low student graduation rates, questionable hiring practices, lack of accountability, lack of student support and failure to reach milestones set by the California Legislature.”

The report followed an unanimous 71-0 vote in the California Assembly to eliminate the college. The school is now in serious danger of being shut down. 

The California Federation of Teachers (CFT) is now calling for the immediate shut down of the school. “The State Auditor’s report clearly shows that it is time to shut down the failed experiment of Calbright College,” CFT President Jeff Freitas said. “Instead of continuing to waste scarce public resources on the failed Calbright College, those resources should immediately be used to invest in our established community colleges.”

Here are some of the statistics as found in the Howle’s report: Out of 904 students, 384 have dropped out, 87 have been inactive over the last 90 days, and a grand total of 12 students have graduated. 

The school was initially envisioned by Former California Gov. Jerry Brown as a way for working adults and low-income workers to have a chance at better jobs by allowing them to partake in an online-only school, which is not accredited. Unfortunately, as can be seen from this report, it doesn’t seem like it is working. Brown is still in support of the school despite its current state. 

The unanimous vote by the California Assembly would eliminate the school at the end of the 2022-23 school year. “We hope the unanimous vote by the Assembly and the scathing state auditors report will compel the Senate and the Governor to immediately pull the plug on Calbright College,” Freitas said.