Full Campus Reopening Planned for Spring

Students, staff and instructors will meet each other in campus on Spring 2022.


Grossmont College

Abdali Khan, Staff Writer

Grossmont hosted a college-wide forum on Tuesday, Sept. 21, in which administrators explained how they were preparing campus for a full reopening in the spring semester.

The meeting was on Zoom and Denise Whisenhunt, president of Grossmont, explained the college campus will be ready in spring for students to attend.

Whisenhunt, has been the president of Grossmont since July, said, “I have a distinct honor and complete privilege to serve as the president of Grossmont College” and added she will do her best to prepare facilities for students to come back to campus.

“Just the incredible efforts of our faculty, our student services, our instructional hands, and administrative services,” Wisenhunt said. “Our leadership teams are really making sure that you get as many students as we can ready to come to the institution.”

Bill McGreevy, vice president of Administrative Services, said the campus purchased a lot of  cleaning supplies and installed them in various departments.

“They’ve incorporated the use of…EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants, and installed more than 400 wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers around campus, and modified spaces for social distancing,” McGreevy said.

Dr. Marshall Fulbright, vice president of Academic Affairs, explained they are looking for all possibilities to guide the student on a path to be more successful. He added those on campus work to engage students in order to connect them with faculty, staff and administrators and to help them get to their goals.

Fullbright said all the efforts are preparing for spring and the next academic year in order to bring students and staff back to the campus.

“We’re slowly bringing things back to life on campus besides our instruction and some of our other activities as well,” Fullbright said.

Fall 2020 was the first semester that some classes started in person since classes went online due to COVID-19 in the spring of 2020.