Going Green

Cuyamaca expands its horticulture center.

Liliana Rankin, Senior Staff Writer

The $19.4 million renovations and expansion of Cuyamaca College’s Horticulture Center are complete and ready to use. 

Part of the renovations included a new greenhouse, which is twice the size of the original. The college’s old greenhouse has faced the wrong way for the best sun exposure since the Horticulture Center first opened in 1980.

It is presumed the greenhouse was built facing the wrong way due to the architect assuming it would fit better on the campus.

Some expansions include new advanced heating and cooling systems, automatic fans and louvers, and blackout racks or tables. 

The new structures provided updated technology representation. This add-on assists students majoring in irrigation technology. 

A few majors in horticulture that Cuyamaca offers include floral design, irrigation technology, landscape architecture and nursery technology.

There is a new large walk-in cooler that was installed and is used to store flowers and floral arrangements. 

“The new greenhouse was so needed,” Cuyamaca Student Carson Muller said. “The old one was literally falling apart.”

“I feel like I can finish my degree and complete my studies more efficiently now,” Muller added. 

Cuyamaca offers plenty of majors within the horticulture program, and with the newly upgraded greenhouse, why not check them out?