Students in Government

ASGC election results are in.


Gideon Fogt, Staff Writer

The Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) and the Student Trustee recently held their annual elections open to the student population.

With campus life slowly returning to Grossmont College, this election posed particular significance for student government. That is because these newly elected representatives will likely be the first in a while to oversee a fully in-person student body for their entire term.

After roughly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic almost entirely eradicating the presence of students on campus, the ASGC and Student Trustee have faced a rough slog to remain established.

However, the vigilance of its members kept the organization afloat during those difficult times. 

With fresh elections passed and a more established constituency on the horizon, there is hope newfound energy will be present throughout the governance.

Students may still be unsure who represents them and the overall function of the student government, especially since much of the engagement was diminished due to the pandemic. 

With input from current and former members of both the ASGC and the Student Trustee position, this article looks to enlighten any confusion. 

It should first be made clear the distinction between the ASGC and the position of Student Trustee. 

As current Student Trustee Benjamin Blevins puts it, his role is “the closest thing to a full member” on the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Board of Trustees. This is where the representative holds a vote on the governing matters the board oversees.

On the other hand, the ASGC is a participatory governing group with its own bylaws and constitution that strictly represents the Grossmont College student body. 

The more specific responsibilities of the ASGC include chartering clubs, fundraising, facilitating the interclub council, planning student events and appointing representatives to college committees. 

While they serve distinctly different roles, both the Student Trustee and the ASGC represent the goals and interests of the students they are elected from. 

As such they will collaborate closely to support the wishes of their constituents where they can, which is also why the Student Trustee is considered an “ex-officio” (nonvoting) member of the ASGC.

Both of these roles have considerable influence that gives them the potential to bring great tangible change to the campus and the overall experiences of the students at Grossmont College. 

“You have all these people united wanting to make a change from different individual groups,” emphasized Flores-Falcon. “So think of us as one huge voice reaching out for change.”

This means when the ASGC makes a suggestion to the college on behalf of the students, the school is likely going to listen.

“Basically, if we can follow the guidelines of the district, it’s most likely going to happen,” former ASGC president Aundrea Kaiser added. 

Some newly elected members of the school’s student government have already come forward with their own ideas for change as they move into their roles. 

Student Trustee-elect Sasha Reva expressed her own goals to improve security for students by pushing to establish stronger lighting on campus and the installation of emergency call boxes.

Whether the changes be small or large, the job of the ASGC and Student Trustee is to ensure those changes represent the wishes of the students.  

“The students need representatives and in a democracy, they have their representatives,” Kaiser said. “ASGC will serve as those student representatives. They are those student leaders.” 


ASGC Elections Results:


President-elect – Sara Laila

Executive Vice President-elect –   Kayla Moreno

Executive Vice President of Finance-elect  –  Amanda Elliot

Director of Student Legislation-elect  –  Katherine Machado

Chair of Web Development-elect  –  Alden Peterson

Director of Board Affairs-elect  –  Franziska Collier

Director of Campus Activities-elect  –  Franziska Collier

Director of Publicity-elect   –   Kayla Moreno

Board of Directors-elect:

Jihad Hafidh

Katherine Machado

Kayla Moreno

Alden Peterson

Jenine Smith

Elliana Capurra

Eugene Choe

Paola Mendoza

Amelia Elliot

Jesus David Chaparro

Sasha Reva

Student Trustee-elect  –  “Sasha” Oleksandra Reva