Grossmont College Updates its Masking Requirement

Grossmont College’s changes to the masking requirement and what it means for life on campus.


Gideon Fogt, Staff Writer

The national strategy for the pandemic in the United States has shifted to a “living-with-COVID” approach, yet adapting to the everchanging conditions of public health is still a relevant issue for virtually all institutions as life during the pandemic moves forward. 

Effective April 25, the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District updated its health and safety guidelines specifically as it pertains to masking requirements on campus. 

The details of these updates revolved primarily on where on-campus masking is still required, dropping the requirement in nonspecified areas as a result. 

Now students and staff will only be required to wear protective face coverings while within areas designed to be used for “‘instructional and student support purposes” as stated by the district.

In an email regarding these changes, Grossmont College revealed that it has been granted autonomy in the designation of these areas.

As such, the following locations on Grossmont grounds will still enforce the masking requirement:  

  • All indoor instructional areas such as classrooms and labs 
  • All indoor academic support service buildings like the library and tutoring centers
  • The tech mall
  • All public spaces in Building 70
  • The Performing and Visual Arts Complex (PVAC)
  •  All student service areas including but not limited to Buildings 10 and 60
  • CalWORKS
  • Service counters
  • Information table
  • During individual appointments with staff
  • All indoor athletic facilities
  • During bus transportation

These changes were developed to be “conducive to more people taking part in campus events” the college said in its statement.

While the update on a surface level may not appear like a major shift, it provides an air of increased optimism throughout the school as people on campus look forward to the future ahead. 

“The health, safety, and welfare of students, faculty, classified professionals, and those visiting the campus is our north star in updating our Covid-19 related guidelines,” the school affirmed to its population via email. 

Much like other schools throughout California, Grossmont appears to be trying to re-establish a sense of normalcy after almost two years of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.