Haunted Places of San Diego

With Halloween right around the corner, why not check out a local haunted spot?


Liam Klingensmith, Staff Writer

The Whaley House 

The Whaley House in Old Town, is regarded by many as the most haunted house in America. Filled with a rich history, it’s quickly apparent why the house could be occupied by ghosts. When the land was bought back 1855 by Thomas Whaley, he built his family home on a well-known site of a public execution. The first death inside the home happened in 1858 when their son Thomas passed away from scarlet fever at just 18 months old. In 1885, one of the daughters, Violet, took her own life inside the house because of being divorced and heartbroken. Nearly the whole family ended up dying from natural causes inside of the home, who are believed to still occupy the house today as ghosts.

The most well-known ghost to be seen by visitors and workers throughout the years is Yankee Jim Robinson, who was hung right on top of where the house was built. Another common occurrence is reports of Baby Thomas, with small footsteps, giggles and crying coming from inside. Various other ghosts are said to be inside the house, such as Violet who stays on the second floor, or Thomas who stands at the top of the stairs in his full suit. 


El Campo Santo Cemetery

Another area claiming to be haunted in San Diego is also located in Old Town. With at least 477 bodies buried in El Campo Santo Cemetery, it’s easy to see why this spot would be so haunted. The same ghost from the Whaley House, Yankee Jim Robinson, is said to be seen roaming around the cemetery as well as the house. Some paranormal activities commonly seen are car alarms randomly going off or cars having trouble starting. People have also said that they have experienced freezing cold spots, and seen shadowy figures, flashes of light and floating orbs while inside or around the cemetery. 


Old Point Loma Lighthouse

While not advertised as such, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse is said to be as extremely haunted. Even though it is not in service anymore, the lighthouse is a museum that can be explored, and more paranormal activity can possibly be heard or seen. Visitors say heavy footsteps come from the lower rooms, and extreme cold is also reported. Demonic moaning is reported by people from certain bedrooms if you stand inside them. When it comes to ghosts, the most common theory is that multiple old caretakers of the lighthouse still hang around, and have been seen wandering and watching.