Easy last minute Halloween costumes and makeup

Halloween costumes and makeup at the last second.


Jacqueline Colombo, Staff Writer

A lot of people have found themselves in the dilemma where they wait until the day before Halloween to find a costume, only to be out of luck and find everything sold out. Here are some easy costumes and makeup ideas in case you find yourself stuck in that unlucky situation.

  1. Let’s start with a popular one: A bunny. For your outfit, you just need a white top, white bottoms and bunny ears.  Don’t forget the tail. For the makeup, you will need black or white eyeliner for the face to draw on the nose,  little dots and whiskers.
  2. Alice Chambers in the ending scene of “Don’t Worry Darling.” This look is by far one of the easiest to do at the last minute. All you need is a white dress, black hair bow and black ballet flats. If you have seen the movie or the scene you could also add a splash of red paint on the front of the dress. That part is optional. For makeup, Alice wears very simple neutral/nude colors in the film. You will need foundation, a nude/light blush eyeshadow, mascara (small false lashes are optional since her lashes do have a little bit of volume), a small amount of light pink blush, a tiny bit of highlight on the tip of your nose and pink lipstick.
  3. If you or someone you know has any sporting jerseys, you can be an athlete. This is an easy one because you can wear this costume in many ways: with shorts, pants, leggings or, if it is big on you, a dress and high knee socks with tennis shoes. If you happen to have any add-ons such as any balls or equipment those can act as a finishing touch. The makeup can vary on this one depending on how you plan to style it. You can however add cute little touches like writing in eyeliner on your cheekbone either a player’s number or whatever sports association it applies to
  4. This one has not been as popular as it once was, and that is a nerd. Nerd costumes used to be everywhere years ago. People would punch out the frames of their 3D glasses they snuck out from the theaters and use them for nerd costumes and just for fashion at that time. Hopefully, you hung onto a pair because that is a big part of the costume as well as overall straps. 
  5. A person from the 80s era. Bright and loud clothing is back and accessible to get your hands on. You can also head to YouTube or TikTok to find how to do an 80s-style hair tutorial.
  6. A fairy costume is also super simple and easy to recreate. You just need a dress of your choice, wings and glitter. Fairies typically have some sparkle to them, so adding highlighter to your nose and cheeks will be a big step for the makeup, as well as applying some winged eyeliner on your eyes.
  7. A cowboy/cowgirl. For this outfit, you just need a flannel, any type of jean bottoms and some cowboy boots. You can style this flannel in multiple ways; tucked in, first few buttons undone, buttoned up or tucked out. You can even add a hat for an additional piece.