Ready to Serve

Feeling the energy, this year’s members of the ASGC are eager to get to work.

Gideon Fogt, Deputy Editor

While the fall semester announces the start of a new academic year, it also signals the start of a new term for the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC).

Elected annually toward the end of the spring semester, many of the members who won their seats last April are fresh faces in the student government, with a few returning members.

Even with inexperienced new members making up most of the current board, the ASGC has come out of its adjustment period with plenty of confidence. 

“It’s kind of been having to work with each new individual member to walk them through their roles and help them get used to ASGC,” President Sara Laila said. “They’re all wonderful leaders, and they’re all doing very well, despite coming to the board with such little experience.”

Grossmont’s campus life has been bustling again after flatlining during the global pandemic, and that’s made this new administration feel especially energized as it tackles its laundry list of issues.

Top of that list has been reconnecting with their student constituency, who ASGC members have not been able to see in person for roughly two years, an objective that mirrors the previous administration when many members approached their outgoing term. 

“We’re really trying to be representatives of all students from all backgrounds, especially after coming back from COVID,” Laila said. 

The primary strategy to tackle this goal has been appointing student representatives to different external committees such as the Staffing Committee, Student Equity and Success Committee and the Academic Senate. Reaching out and listening to students’ concerns directly has also been another method the ASGC has employed to grow a stronger relationship among its constituents.

The association has also been working on on-campus events, such as the Oct. 31 fall festival, to take advantage of its renewed access to the college grounds. 

Other goals the members have been pursuing include trying to work in tandem with the student trustee to tackle campus safety and infrastructure problems like improving poor lighting conditions across Grossmont College. 

New members and a new semester have sparked newfound energy in the ASGC that the remaining established members have not seen since pre-pandemic days.

“I saw the board go from maybe four people to like 12 within the past semester, which is really amazing,” Laila said. “It’s really changed so much and it’s caused this huge connection between us as student leaders and our students on campus which is something we haven’t seen in ASGC in a very long time.”