Audition Help

Auditions are currently taking place for the Stagehouse Theatre’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare.

Becoming a part of the theater at Grossmont College can be tricky without the correct information. Audition information can be found by following the Stagehouse Theatre on Instagram (@stagehousetheatre).

Finding the auditions is the first step, but there are still other preparation steps. Theater students from Grossmont who have participated in past auditions and shows are here to help with the whole process.

Jake Strohl, a theater student at Grossmont who has been a part of many shows, shared some of his insight on auditions at the college.

“It can be an interesting process to go through,” Strohl said. “The one thing to remember is the earlier you get an audition slot, the more choices you get, like days and times to audition.”

He continued: “You never know what to prepare for. Depending on the show will depend on what you have to do. Always research before auditioning for a show. It is best to know what you are going in for.”

Current Theater Student Heather Warren has auditioned for shows and plays many times at the college.

“Always have fun when you go in for an audition,” Warren said. “Having fun is important when you audition because if you are nervous, people can tell.”

She continued: “Accept whatever part you are given, even if it is the smallest role. Even with the smallest part, it still helps grow your resume.”

Another Grossmont Student Fa Sawyer also had some advice.

“Everyone has the talent to audition,” Sawyer said. “Never be scared to show your talent because the most important thing is to believe in yourself. If you are ever scared to audition, just go for it; putting your name out there never hurts. That is how people remember you.”

Hopefully, the information provided will help simplify the process whether you’re a returning or new auditionee.