Sodexo installs two microwaves at Grossmont facility

Russell Lindquist

New microwaves at Sodexo outlet (Russell Lindquist photo)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Dec. 14 – Hooray! Sodexo has brought two new microwaves for its Grossmont College location, and thus made good on a vow to facilitate, anew, the heating of our students’ various food-stuffs.

Previously, Sodexo had come under fire from, among others, the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) for failing to provide the microwaves, which had been a feature of Sodexo service in the old student center.

Life can be a challenge. So it is important to celebrate victories wherever we can reasonably find them. To some, the availability of two new microwaves may not seem like a victory; but to those who know: it is!

Best of all: as you can see by the picture in this article – the microwaves are outdoors, and available to all, regardless of their ‘have-you-bought-anything-from-Sodexo?’ status!

Lindquist is a student in Media Comm 132