Making it: Grossmont students follow their muses

Robert Sanchez

Marc Pattee live at the Soma (Photos: Robert Sanchez)

Ashley Castillo in her creative environment

Marc Pattee practicing

Ashley Castillo live at Soma













 GROSSMONT COLLEGE – Do you have to put your dreams on hold while you attend college?  Or can you pursue your education and your private passion?

For Grossmont students Marc Pattee and Ashley Castillo, the answer is “definitely both.”   Pattee plays bass and Castillo is  guitarist  for the band The Elephant Project, which recently appeared at the local punk venue Soma.  In addition, Pattee also is a photographer, with a particular interest in music subjects.

Pattee and Castillo both are able to work on their classes during the day, and to jam in their tight group at night.  

Sanchez is a student in Media Comm 132