Creative Writing students display their talent at ‘New Voices’

Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The Creative Writing teachers look foward to Spring 2011 as yet another semester for helping students to develop their writing talents.

The climax of the Fall 2010 semester was “New Voices,” an event put on by the Creative Writing programs in which students orated their best as a finale for their work throughout the semester, in a showcase on Dec. 7 in room 220.

At “New Voices” there were performances utilizing creative non-fiction; poetry; novel-writing; short fiction; flash creative non-fiction; and song-writing.

Sierra Bowen’s reading of her poem, “La Playa” – written for Sydney Brown’s 126 Creative Writing class – was among the stand-outs.

Bowen spoke:

“In days painted by song, my father crept past every prison wall of love if only to remember what makes a melody.  He has woven through the fabric of too many women’s lives, a heap of wrinkled stitches, where they still spot him, like a ghost, caught in the grains of film from forgotten years…”

Lament was balanced by Brian Cass’s “Mauled,” a bear-attack narrative which, though suspenseful, was exceedingly humorous.  And it was told from a quite unlikely perspective:  that of the bear, itself.

The program, in its entirety is avaiable at the following web-address:

Registration for Grossmont’s creative writing course is open!

Lindquist is a student in Media Comm 132, which publishes the GC Summit and The Summit Magazine.  Registration in that class also is open!