Going out? How about a circus or a movie?

Corey Streeper

Corey Streeper

EL CAJON– Circus Vargas, which eschews animals for human performers, recently returned to San Diego County for the first time in three years with a brand new cast. I recently saw a performance and was astonished by all of the different acts.

One was an all-brother acrobatics team, who built themselves into a giant human robot. One of the brothers stood firm on the ground as two of the other brothers attached themselves to his arms. Then another climbed upon his shoulders, and a fifth brother wrapped himself around his waist. Then, as one, they strutted around the center ring.

Another memorable act was a family of motocross stuntmen utilizing what they called their” ball of death” Not only did they perform inside this ball in single and group acts, but one of the performers was only nine years old. Without giving away the super secret part of the act I will just say that it is a must see.

During the show one of the trapeze artists almost fell from a swinging tower and although it was part of the show I still leaped with fear from my seat. This circus team has been doing this for many years in Venezuela and recently purchased the Circus Vargas name so they could bring the act to America.

Having all of the acts performed by human entertainers enabled me to identify more closely with the show than I would have with one with animals.

Circus Vargas will be in Vista from now through March 21 and then will perform at the Del Mar Fair March 24-28. The troupe also be seen performing in the upcoming film Water For Elephants with Robert Pattinson. For tickets and show times visit www.CircusVargas.org.

Take Me Home Tonight

Although there are not many college students today who were around for the 80’s ‘big hair’ era, our generation may still enjoy the film Take Me Home Tonight. It has all of the classic 80’s comedy clichés and provides a nice homage to filmmaker John Hughes by calling the school “Shermer High,” the same name as the town in his movies.

If you’ve never seen his 80’s films, Hughes was one of the greatest teen angst film directors of the 80’s with such flicks to his credit as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Reminiscent of 80’s film are such antics as stealing a car, rolling a giant metal ball through town, and the main character pining after a girl who is obviously out of his league.

Topher Grace does an outstanding job playing the ‘uncool’ cool kid. If you liked Topher in That 70’s Show” you will love him in Take Me Home Tonight.

In this film, he tries to get the girl by any means necessary– even if it means lying. It also deals with the struggles of figuring out what to do with your life after college, which is something any college student faces after graduation.

Warning for those who might be offended: there is nudity and drug use in this film. In my opinion, however, this is one of the better films of the year thus far. You may want to obtain a couple tickets from the student activities booth with your student benefit card and take a friend to see Take Me Home Tonight.

Streeper is a student in Media Comm 132.  He may be reached at [email protected]