Commentary: Parties, weed, school mascots and home cooking all could be factors in college choices

David Hurst

David Hurst
David Hurst

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Finding an institution of higher learning is serious business. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, with everything being equal, it will be hard to not to consider even the smallest variable when determining what school to attend.

At Wednesday’s Transfer Day dozens of Universities and Colleges offered similar curricula, schedules, majors, transfer requirements, and everything else that would be deemed important to a prospective student. So, when it comes down to making that decision what can separate one place from another?

How about a reputation? Arizona State University has been known as a top notch party school that has been ranked in the top 10 party schools several times over the years. Brooke Farmoore is a Transfer Specialist at ASU and an alum from the class of 2002. She says the party reputation is not a recruiting tool and that their graduation rate is 68%.

“The current (University) President came on board in 2002 and he’s done a lot to increase the reputation of ASU as an academic institution,” said Farmoore. She noted that ASU is ranked 78th in the world as an academic institution, with nationally ranked programs in business, engineering, and journalism.

She then acknowledged that it is a large public institution with a lot of people attending so a party is easy to find. She said it’s pretty much up to the individual. “If you want to pay a lot of money to get a quality education or pay a lot of money to party is up to the student.” So all things being equal, ASU throws the best party.

Humboldt State University has to fight against the reputation as a Cannabis Capital with its location in marijuana friendly Humboldt County. If you’re looking to take courses such as Weed 101 then you are misguided. Humboldt State actually has a good reputation in natural sciences, natural resources, the environment, biology, chemistry, zoology, and business amongst other things. However, with all things being equal, if “higher” learning is important to an individual, Humboldt State should suffice.

How about location? UCSD, USD, San Diego State University, Point Loma Nazarene, San Diego Christian College, Ashworth University, and Devry are located here in San Diego. All things being equal, if you .prefer not to leave the nest then you have some excellent in town options. The University of Hawaii was also represented at the fair. Again, with all things being equal, if you want to go away for school, why not Hawaii?

How about a mascot? So if you have narrowed your choices down to two schools and everything was the same about both, but one of the schools was UC Santa Cruz, how could you resist the Banana Slug mascot as a determining factor?

If the other school of choice offers such unique majors like Marine Biology Program, Computer Science and Design Program, or Robotics, could it really top the school spirit that would come with being a Banana Slug? “It’s definitely an advantage because it’s so unique,” said the UC Santa Cruz Admissions Representative.

So when making that big decision on where to continue an education, no stone should go unturned and every minute detail should be considered. There is something about every school that stands out for whatever reason.


Hurst is a student in Media Comm 132; contact him at [email protected]