Volleyballers winning currently, but remember sting of losses

Dylan Burke

Dylan Burke
Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- Currently the Grossmont Griffins are #5 in California and #3 in the southern region in women’s volleyball. The next home match is tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 11, against San Diego Mesa at 5 p.m.

Coach Jamie Ivers encourages fans and other spectators to come out to see her players perform. “Our players would love to see tons of fans there,” she said.”We have a good support base but it’s always nice to fill the stands especially when we play rivals” Ivers said.

San Diego Mesa is a longtime rival to the Grossmont Griffins not just in volleyball but in almost every sport this college has.

When asked if she is satisfied with the teams’ commitment and their effort at practices, Ivers responded that team members work hard each and every day in practice. Ivers went on to say, “Each day they push each other to be better and compete in practice.”

The Griffins to date have only loss once in the season matchups, so when the GC Summit asked if there were any fear or concern that winning so frequently would cause downstream problems, she responded that team members in scrimmages learn what it is like to lose. Situations or drills are set up in which team members have to battle back or inevitably lose. Ivers said the logic behind this is that losing is part of the process in preforming well in match ups.

Ivers described her team is a very physical, driven, and competitive team. It still feels some bitterness over losing last year in the first round of playoffs and “they use that bitterness as focus for this years’ goals,” according to the coach.

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