Dunking fun at Grossmont College

Dylan Burke


Dylan Burke
Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- The Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) and the Inter Club Council (ICC) sponsored the Grossmont Fall Semester Festival in the quad Wednesday, Nov. 16,  for the “improvement of student life.”  Among other things, that meant dunking professors, administrators and others into a water tank. 

One of the volunteers was Carmen Fuentes who said, “It is on my bucket list and it’s not everyday you get to be dunked into the tank.”  Fuentes got to throw at Dylan Keeling, president of ICC, which led to her own decision to volunteer.

The purpose of this event,  ccording to Roberta Steele of the Forgiven Christian Club,  was “to have a good time in these tough times . With teachers giving their students a lot of work, give the students a break.” Keeling, also the ASGC vice president added, “The purpose is to get more of a presence on campus.”

Keeling told reporters that ICC operated the dunk tank and will put proceeds toward funding next year’s festivities.  The cost for three throws was $1. Perhaps for Grossmont students it was worth every penny to be able to dunk their respective class instructor in the water tank.


Burke is the sports editor of the GC Summit. He may be contacted at[email protected]