Fashion Police: Spring 2019

Fashion Police: Spring 2019

Olivia Linstad, Staff Writer


Rain boots and hoodies have stolen the wardrobe spotlight through the seemingly endless California winter.

However, March is inviting us all to shed a layer and step into the spring sunshine.
Only one problem – what to wear?

This question is inevitable, as every changing season presents new fashion trends. So, what’s on trend for spring 2019?

Spring is associated with newly bloomed flowers, which inspires a colorful wardrobe.

Pastel blue was a popular color on the spring runway, as well as bright orange. Tie-dye pieces also incorporated many different colors and tones into a singular outfit.

Courtney Cruz, a first-semester nursing major, said she likes pairing a fun tie-dye top with a neutral bottom.

“I wear a lot of white in the spring,” she said “Tie-dye goes with white shorts or pants.”

Although opposite in aesthetic, both neon and monochromatic neutral outfits made many appearances in high fashion. The diverse color options give varying styles the freedom to express personality and creativity.


Floral isn’t the only pattern gracing spring clothing. In fact, it was overruled by tons of other patterns to revive the spring months. The classic bandanna or paisley print made its way onto many designer’s clothing. Boxy checkered print, primarily black and white, were a popular pick for spring. Polka dots, also black and white,
were featured in both large and small prints.

Since the patterns on trend include classic and daring options, everyone will have a chance to experiment incorporating something eye-catching in their spring wardrobe.


The softness of a fabric isn’t the only texture to look out for in stores this spring. Macramé, crochet and fishnets are all popular on the spring runways. Different tops, handbags and even shoes have touches of the netted look.
Often, the crochet caters to a more bohemian style. For a more glamorous and eye-catching spring style, don’t shy away from exploring the possibility of sequins.
Lightweight fabrics cater to the spring sun and are especially essential in Southern California. Tired of the winter months, Megan Houlihan, English major, said: “Honestly, wearing less clothes sounds really good.
I like shorts and lighter shirts.”

It’s time to get those toes painted and retire the Uggs and rain boots.

Both Cruz and Houlihan agreed they can’t wait for flip-flop season. Houlihan said her favorites are Rainbow sandals and Birkenstocks. These choices are versatile and neutral enough to be worn with any outfit through the warmer months.

A Spring Staple

Every season needs a few simple pieces to create a foundation for an outfit. Fun elements like colors, patterns and textures are best incorporated with a basic article.

“High-waisted jean shorts. I love those,” Cruz said. A simple jean short compliments a unique top or accessory because it doesn’t distract from the feature piece. Jean shorts flatter a large variety of body types because they come in endless styles, including low-rise, high-rise (Cruz’s personal favorite), ripped, light wash and dark wash.

Jean shorts deserve a spot in everyone’s spring wardrobe because they’re not catered to one specific aesthetic.

Everyone’s personal style can benefit from this buildable spring staple.

One Rule

Don’t follow the rules. It’s easy to get caught up in the do’s and don’ts of fashion and lose the enjoyment of the whole experience. Each season’s “rules” should be viewed as “guidelines” to help inspire and create your best self.

If none of the seasonal trends fit your personal look, don’t hesitate to create your own. Who knows? It might just become the next hottest runway style.